Bee in Flower Bed (and Legos!)

The Cleveland Botanical Garden holds some special memories for me.  It's a short walk from the college dorms I used to live in (though it was called the Garden Center back then), and it was a common stop when my hubby and I were first dating.  We even shared our first kiss there oh-so-many years ago.

Even though we hadn't lived in that state for over a decade, our teenage kid decided to  attend an enrichment program at the Cleveland Institute of Art in University Circle during the summer before their junior year in high school. (Ironically, they ended up boarding in practically the same dorm room that my hubby did as a freshman.)  After the end of the program, we spent time visiting the Botanical Garden as a family.  Our visit happened coincided with a Lego exhibit at the Botanical Garden.  So there were several Lego sculptures throughout the gardens.  What fun creations!


During that visit, I managed to get a few shots of a bumble bee making its way among the blossoms in this flower bed.  One of them became the foundation of the photo painting featured here.

I love the colors and composition captured in this piece.  It just exudes a brightness that makes me smile.

Featured art: Bee in Flower Bed

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