Window of Wisdom (sudden inspiration)

In a rare bout of inspiration, I cranked out two paintings in one afternoon last week:  from conceptualizing to putting the images on canvas.  Here is one of the pair of eyes - or Windows of the Soul - called Window of Wisdom.

Why was I so inspired?   I attribute it to three things in this case.

First of all, I had been itching to create something new.  The whole month of February went by without my completing a new art piece, and I was bursting to make something new.   It wasn't for lack of ideas or desire, but rather lack of time to dedicate. (I probably ought to develop better sketchbook habits to keep the flow of creativity going.)

Secondly, I had laser eye surgery that morning.  My doctor has been telling me for years that there were signs of degeneration in my eyes that concerned her.  This year, the changes were drastic enough to warrant surgery.  As an artist, the thought of messing with my eyes was totally nerve-wracking, but it had to be done.  The surgery went well but was very uncomfortable, so the the discomfort made me keep thinking about my eyes, and eyes in general.

Third, I had recently seen the movie Black Panther.  I absolutely loved it!  One of the (many) things that struck me in the movie were the wonderful women of color portrayed in the movie.  There's been a lot of hype how great this movie is regarding the portrayal of black people.  I wish there was more chatter about how fabulous it is about depicting women.  I loved how these women were strong, smart, loyal, and beautiful.  And NOT just puppets or arm candy for the men.

I'm not an expert on the subconscious mind - not even my own - but I suspect that these are the reasons my latest pieces came about.

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