By the Flowing River (finding beauty)

When traveling, my family and I generally don't take pictures of ourselves.  When you look through our vacation photos, you'll rarely see a picture of us.  This doesn't mean we don't take pictures.  We just don't take pictures of people.

We do take pictures of the things we see.  I often spot or try to find specific views and angles that I find beautiful.  Ones that others might not notice.  I try to find beauty that can be easily overlooked if you don't stop to really see it. My husband has even commented before that I'll spot pretty views or unique perspectives that he wouldn't have noticed or considered.

Many of these photos become the basis of my photographic art pieces.  Digital photos are converted into digital paintings.  I've dubbed my photographic art collection "Fields of Vision".

Here's a great example: a summer scene with a tree branch and flowers partially framing a view of the Niagara River.  Most visitors walk past this spot without really noticing it.  They're there to see the much more impressive waterfalls or to go on the boat rides in the mist as close to the falls as they can get.  Or any number of the flashier tourist attractions set up at the Niagara Falls.

Yet there is a beautiful scene here if you only care to stop and notice.

Featured Art: By the Flowing River.  Digital Photo Art.

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