Hello!  My name is Malinee (which rhymes with "martini").  I call myself a creative spirit because I'm an artist in many different ways. 

I'm an artist in the traditional sense in that  I create images with the aim of making the world a little more beautiful.  My general style tends toward bright and whimsical.  However, I don't believe in boundaries when it comes to art, so expect anything. I use both traditional and digital media in my work.  

I'm a crafter.  I like to make stuff that you can touch and feel.  I've enjoyed many different types of crafts and projects, from papercraft and quilling to sewing and quilting.  I even make my own beauty care products like lip balm and lotions.  (That counts as crafting, right?)  

I'm a costumer.  This is a new hobby as I've only recently discovered the world of cosplay.  (Okay, so I'm a geek, too.)  The whole creative process of conceiving a costume idea to design to creation is so gratifying!  

I'm a musician.  I sing, play flute and guitar, and can occasionally be found performing in community theatre productions.  Music is just another way to bring more joy and beauty into the world.

Is there something you'd like to know about me?  Just use the contact page to send me a note!