My Journey Into Digital

My Journey Into Digital

I'm old enough that I clearly remember the days before internet or cell phones.  Rotary-dial phones and cassette tapes were the norm.  I even remember listening to eight-track tapes, but they were definitely on the way out.  Even back then, I lived in a relatively tech-forward household.  We had a personal computer at home in the early 1980's, and I learned to code my first program in BASIC when I was six years old.

With my early exposure, I've always been relatively tech savvy.  So it's not a surprise that I've always been interested in creating digital art.  Since I didn't study or work in an artistic field, it wasn't something I ever learned or had exposure to.  In a high school computer class, I remember creating graphics pixel by (large) pixel with a mouse.  It was very unsophisticated.

I was so excited when I finally invested in my first pen tablet (a Wacom Bamboo Fun, no longer produced).  It was my chance to experiment and dabble in the digital art world.  I really didn't know what I was getting into.  I started playing with the software that was includedand the fun began!

Happiness is in the heart, not the circumstances.

Here's the first 100% digital art piece I ever created.  This was a fun beginner project.  I don't remember where I found the quote, but it's such a great life philosophy.

I've been learning and growing with my digital media ever since.  I'm pretty much self-taught, having learned experimenting and exploring.   From digital drawing and painting to photographic art, it's a whole world of exciting possibilities.  I look forward to continuing to grow my digital skills and create beautiful art!


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